(25273-T) has been in the transportation and related business for more than 40 years. We are the one-stop logistics service centre who is able to provide a wide range of quality services such as transporting of goods in container, freight-forwarding services, warehousing facilities, crane facilities, shifting and positioning of machinery and industrial equipment.

 is a subsidiary of the . The group has an annual turnover in excess of 70 million Ringgit in Malaysia . At present,  employs more than 450 people throughout Malaysia.

Our Vision is to be Malaysia 's best logistics provider and to provide innovative, reliable and cost effective logistics solutions to our valued customers.


  1. We aim to maximize customers' satisfaction.
  2. We practice hands on approach on our customers' assigned tasks.
  3. We focus on our customers' logistics' needs.
  4. We strive to enhance our customers' success through our offered services.
  5. We seek steady growth, by improving our ability to respond to our customers needs through innovative and reliable logistics services.
  6. We are enhancing the productivity and teamwork of our employee in order to build an energetic corporate culture.
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